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Features of “The New Jewelry”

New generation new jewelry
Amara is the new generation of jewelry, that has its own uniqueness which separates us from the world. With these innovatively creative ideas, we have chosen the finest material to be crafted in each remarkable design only. Let see what specialties Amara has to offer.
special material
Our bangle is made from a special combination of sterling silver and shape-memory alloy making the bangle strong and light-weighted. The never-done-before invention programs the nanoscale of the alloy atoms to remember its original shape when they are being bent or squeezed. Flexibility is one of the key features of our bangles so that everyone can play and wear the bangle with ease
special system
We have invented a revolutionary bangle system called the sliding control mechanism. A system that solves the annoying problem of moving charms position by using a sliding method with a rubber breaker on the tip. The rubber will stop the little movement when the wearer is using their arms and lock the charms in place. So, you can have fun without worrying about your charms. In addition, we have a patent for the sliding control mechanism to ensure the unique experience for the wearer.
Special concepts
Our company was powered and inspired by the youth and the same goes for our product. Each concept and artwork were designed to recreate the youth’s imaginations. Various concepts and items in our shop were also designed by the youth themselves.
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