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Eco-Friendly Jewelry


With the concept of the new generation jewelry, we take our decision very seriously when it comes to the environment. We only take what is necessary and use it as efficient as possible to create the best. We also give back to the nature by donating to charities such as Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Our jewelry is all made from Amara’s iconic metal, the sterling silver beautiful and shiny but also eco-friendly and harmless. We value a sustainable business model by limiting our depletion to the nature. We chose sterling silver as our main material because it can be melted and recycle. Unlike most recyclable material, silver can be recycled without affecting their quality which means most of the recycled silver can be turned into a mint condition silver again.

siamite stones

The other material that we often used was the stones, we have chosen SIAMITE, an advanced man-made material instead of the natural stone since it is greener and colorful alternative. The SIAMITE, formally known as Nanocrystal is a composite material that creates a shiny effect similar to the natural stone.

The SIAMITE is greatly durable with a high heat resistance rate. The other benefit of SIAMITE is its special optical properties that is very colorful. Even more, the magic is inline with all safety limitations for both humans and the environment. The material of SIAMITE is also used in the manufacture of essential components for luxury goods.

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